Young south african authors react to a scenario exercise

S. Dazela Age 12

Young south african authors react to a scenario exercise

S. Dazela, age 12 and S.C. Dazela, age 14

The G.I. ADVISORY’s vision is to aid researchers, defence and security leaders, diplomats, and business leaders with research-based advice and services in order to contribute to world peace and stability. Any visionary must recognise that tomorrow’s leaders are today’s children. For this reason, the G.I. ADVISORY decided to include children in its monthly commentary and publications for the month of August 2021.

The two young authors responded to a scenario exercise that was posed by the G.I. ADVISORY. The title of the exercise is “An Interplay Between International, Continental, and National Legal Frameworks: A Scenario Exercise for Law, Military Science, and International Relations”. The question was: As the leader of country A, you are dealing with an inflow of foreign nationals from countries B and C. Citizens of countries B and C have come into your country since independence for protection from persecution in their own countries and better chances in your country. They cross the border and frequently bribe government officials in order to obtain admission. Between the three countries, there are illegal goods transactions, human trafficking, sexual exploitation and gender based violence; the majority of which are aided by government employees, including police and military personnel. What are your explicit directives as the president of country A?

The following is what the two young authors had to say: As President of Country A, I have the best interests of my country at heart, which is why I would welcome people from Country B and Country C into my country, knowing that it would benefit everyone. Allowing countries B and C to enter my country will help to strengthen my country’s economy by bringing their unique abilities, as well as creating job possibilities for many people.

I’m aware that the bulk of those crossing the border illegally do so through bribery and exploitation. To address the problem, I’d start with government officials, because it all starts at the border, where officials are bribed by foreigners to obtain admission to our country.

My approach would be to gain access to the officials’ bank accounts and protect the border gates, as well as to install high-tech cameras that are difficult to hack. Human trafficking and the transit of illegal products are the most serious issues here. Human trafficking is one of the most tragic crimes since it results in the loss of children and mothers in most households. I would use an electronic goods truck searching system to detect human trafficking in order to halt it.

Statement of Parental Consent

I, Fikiswa Dazela, grant permission to the G.I. ADVISORY to edit and publish this educational piece with photographs of my children. I am well aware that the purpose of this effort, rather than benefiting the G.I. ADVISORY or myself, is to aid the general public, particularly the youth. With the consent of the G.I. ADVISORY, the Department of Basic Education and schools under it may share the contents of this article with learners at no monitory incentive to me or my children.

The Development Team

Content Writer:                      S. Dazela and S.C. Dazela

Content Reviewer:                L. Dweba

Article Coordinator:               D. Fraser

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  1. Fikiswa - August 16, 2021 Reply

    On behalf of the Youth, Our future leaders, would love to thank this organisation for opening up for the needy and the most valnerable to equip them with such an eye-opening information.

  2. Geopolitical Intelligence - August 30, 2021 Reply

    Good day.

    Thank you for the comment.

  3. Precious - October 23, 2021 Reply

    Bravo!!! S. Dazela and C.S Dazela for writing such a piece. Hi-tech surveillance is the future.Cheaper to maintain in the long run and less prone to error. That’s an innovative discernment and very contemporary.

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