Welcome Home Ms. Delsoin!

Ms Delsoin

Welcome Home Ms. Delsoin!

The GI ADVISORY would like to introduce and welcome Ms. Theresa Elizabeth Delsoin as our guest writer.  She is a certified substitute teacher, community activist, community and economic development consultant, and a retired social service administrator.

Due to her African and Irish ancestry, Ms. Delsoin considers herself to be multiracial.  Her ethnicity in American society is classified as African American.  She began her life in St Louis Missouri, where she was surrounded by relatives who valued education, community service, and spirituality — “the liberators”.

Ms. Delsoin co-authored two books of history,

  • “Malindy’s Freedom:  A Story of a Slave Family,” by Mildred Johnson and Theresa Delsoin.
  • “From ETC:  An Amazing Conversation Between Descendant of Slave Owner and Slave, A Chance at Healing and Reconciliation,” by Theresa Delsoin and Christopher Desloge.  

She has also written a book of fiction, “Hush, Hush And Let The Games Begin,” as well as two collections of poems.  Her books are available for purchase at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com and can be read for free on Amazon.

Ms. Delsoin is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who served as a village-based developer in Samoa, South Pacific.   As a global citizen, her passion is to promote social justice, human and economic development, civil liberties, freedom, unity, peace, and stability.  She resides in the United States of America and she has two children and four grandchildren.

We look forward to working with you to promote a global vision to end mass atrocity crimes such as genocide, war crimes, ethnic violence, and crimes against humanity, once and for all; where state militaries are utilised solely for the purpose of identifying, neutralizing, and defeating legitimate military targets.




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