The Pedagogy of Violent Extremism


The Pedagogy of Violent Extremism

South Africa can learn from Nigeria’s security threats.

While certain types of learning are voluntary, states are frequently obliged to learn from seemingly unconnected events in other countries. The Nigerian government is dealing with a variety of security threats posed by non-state armed groups and criminal gangs. Organised kidnapping, looting, murder, and rape have all increased as a result of Nigeria’s rising violence.

According to the GCR2P’s Atrocity Alert No. 2780, armed groups killed around 30 people at a market in October 20021, and more than 4,900 victims between 2018 and 2020, while hundreds of thousands were displaced as a result of the emergence and expansion of armed banditry.

Military offensive alone will not be able to combat the combined menace of bandits and armed extremists in northern Nigeria, according to the notice. The government must also address local populations’ problems in the north, as well as structural issues such as endemic poverty, corruption, unemployment, and environmental degradation, all of which are exploited by bandits, extremists, and other groups (GCR2P).

It is worth noting that no country on the planet, including South Africa, is immune to security deterioration. It is not a matter of whether there are enough resources to deal with security threats; it is a matter of urgency.

The most obvious tactic used by armed groups and criminal syndicates to measure government readiness is sporadic but well-organised commissions of kidnapping, looting, murder, and rape. These tactics are commonly used to evaluate a government’s ability to detect and prevent violence before it occurs. One “successful” act of violence informs the perpetrators about the government’s lack of preparedness.

As a result, South Africa must undoubtedly take note of seemingly unrelated security challenges in other countries.

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