Our Services

1. Academic Advisory
2. Defence and Security
3. Forced Immigration

Academic Advisory

Researcher Development

We support postgraduate students from basic academic research to principal researcher level. Through coaching and mentoring programmes, we encourage students to persevere through an academic research project, thereby curbing the scourge of university-dropouts.

Our academic advisors use coaching and mentoring strategies to support post graduate students to,

  • write academic personal statements, research outlines, concept papers and research proposals.
  • design and follow a research project plan.
  • apply to study abroad.
  • apply for international funding.

Editing and Proofreading

We provide editing and proofreading services. Our strategies improve text readability by assessing clarity, style, and citations. We help to eliminate errors and mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting.

GI Advisory

Defence and Security

International Conflict, Peace and Security

Wars and other types of violence disturb the lives of millions of people every year. The G.I. ADVISORY promotes the legitimacy of the means and methods of warfare, and encourages access to and respect for international humanitarian law. As an independent organisation devoid of political and religious allegiances, we offer integrated training and awareness programmes.

The organization provides geopolitical and unclassified defence and security information to clients. The clients include institutions of higher learning, the security cluster government departments, NGOs, journalists, and humanitarian bodies. We offer information based on first-hand military operational experience and our academic background. We disseminate information through integrated and interactive training, team-based presentations and awareness programmes.

We believe that giving actual examples makes it simpler to remember the rights and responsibilities for dealing with war and violence. As a result, the G.I. ADVISORY brings theory and experience together to provide possible yet practical answers to violent crises and armed conflicts.

Diplomatic and Executive Close Protection

Pre-Political Reconnaissance and Risk Assessment;

Advance Team Deployment;

Covert and Overt ‘At-Risk’ Operations;

Specific Asset Protection;

Hostile Environments Operations.

Forced Immigration

In addition to armed conflicts, other forms of violence and natural catastrophes drive people to flee their homes. The G.I. ADVISORY supports humanitarian values to help victims of violence and preserve human life.

By means of a broader appreciation of international, regional and domestic legal framework regulating the rights and responsibilities of displaced persons, the G.I. ADVISORY collaborates with institutions of higher learning, government departments, humanitarian agencies and other NGOs to advise as to,

  1. the reasons for and impact of forced human immigration;
  2. the interpretation of current legislation and policies in South Africa;
  3. the rights and responsibilities that accrue to refugees.

Service Delivery

The client will provide GI ADVISORY with information on the services required, after which the ideal outcome that suits the client’s needs will be discussed. A quotation will be generated for the client’s acceptance and payment. Upon receiving payment, the relevant operations team will process and deliver the service on the agreed delivery date.


Vision Statement

To contribute to international peace and stability by assisting scholars, defence and security leaders, diplomats and business leaders with research-based advice and services.


Mission Statement

GI ADVISORY has a mission to provide its clientele with reliable, frank and quality research-focused services in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.



GI ADVISORY shall remain robust and objective in its activities to serve every client without prejudice. The organisation will keep its promises, vows, and service standards without compromise and will honour its investors and creditors.