International Security

The GIA prioritises the importance of analysing international and non-international armed warfare.  We assist governments and other international actors in the early detection of threats through advisory services, facilitation, and capacity building in terms of

  • Collective Responsibility Against Mass Atrocity Crimes,
  • The Rules of War (IHL),
  • Nuclear Non-proliferation,
  • Extremism and insurgency,
  • Forced Migration, and
  • Humanitarianism.

General Security Services

We are certified to provide the following services:

threat analysis; manned guarding; secure transportation; close protection/body-guarding; reaction and response services; pre-deployment reconnaissance; advance team deployment; hostile environment operations; safety during special events; biometric access control and surveillance systems.


Participatory Action Research

The GIA publishes articles, commentaries, and opinions on current affairs to tackle identified social problems. We rely on joint research and analysis from internal and external analysts to reflect theory and application of knowledge gained to achieve social justice.

Feasibility Investigations

We run feasibility studies from start to finish and give a feasibility study report detailing our findings and suggestions.

Theories of Change

The GIA facilitates a collaborative process to describe the relationship between organisational (client) planned activities and outcomes. Our intervention helps organisations to describe, design, and navigate an activity plan for long-term goal-setting and transformation processes.

Researcher Development 

We are actively involved in community development initiatives. As part of our community service, we work with university students through experiential learning, coaching & mentoring partnerships. This service assists graduates in developing a work ethic and tenacity, lowering university dropouts.

Service Delivery

The client will provide GI ADVISORY with information on the services required, after which the ideal outcome that suits the client’s needs will be discussed. A quotation will be generated for the client’s acceptance and payment. Upon receiving payment, the relevant operations team will process and deliver the service on the agreed delivery date.


Vision Statement

To be a reliable contributor to the creation of safer communities and world order.


Mission Statement

To provide research-based security services and advice.



The provision of impartial service

Adherence to the rule of law

Respecting all stakeholders