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Body Worn Camera

In 2017, a study on the effectiveness of body-worn cameras (BWCs) showed that they can have compelling effects without increasing costs. According to reports, there are fewer complaints of law enforcement brutality in countries where security personnel wear BWCs than in those without cameras.

Increased accountability, fewer complaints against security personnel are among the primary benefits of BWCs for militaries, the police, and the private security industry. Some of the benefits include shorter investigation times with solid evidence and cost savings.

Active Security Officer Tracking

With a software for security guard scheduling, GPS based tour tracking, and real-time electronic reporting, you will be able to do the following;

SCHEDULING: The attendance software alerts you if your officers aren’t clocking in and out of shifts on time. It also helps make scheduling, payroll, and invoicing easier.

REAL TIME: The guard tour tracking software with GPS technology gives you real-time access to view officer patrol activity. This helps to ensure that officers are on site, alert, checking all, and completing their tours. Better yet the software will send you an alert if your officers are not.

REPORTS: The system is designed to make sure that reports are delivered to your clients on time. The electronic reporting software gives you and your clients access to paperless reports whenever and wherever you need them. 

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