Travel Security 

Share your travel plans at your own pace for a full assessment designed to reduce possible risks.

Travel Threat Assessments

TTAs cover any threats a client is likely to encounter while traveling through or visiting South Africa. These threats may consist of demonstrations, political unrest, and organized crime. Our analysis provides support to business executives, journalists, non-governmental organizations, tourists, site inspectors, and other travelers to high-risk areas. Depending on client preferences, the service includes route analysis or general travel threat area assessments.

As people look for greener pastures abroad, it is important to consider the security and the assurance of safe arrivals. GI helps in the analysis of the destination country. The information provided can help job seekers plan their trip with knowledge. 

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Ground Transportation 

Ground transportation security is an essential component of executive protection and international travel. GI follows a process of thoroughly screening professional drivers and trained specialists to provide clients with safety. Yes, public transportation is available. However, the standard duty-of-care requirements for safe travel are expected. GI goes above and beyond as a security organisation to safely and smoothly escort clients from point A to point B. In addition, GI facilitates event transportation solutions in South Africa and other parts of the world through our established network. 

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Political and scenario risk analysis

We believe that in order for organisations to make informed decisions, they need local and relevant data. GI collects and analyses critical information for decision-making in a proactive, reactive, and ongoing manner. We combine political expertise with actionable insight. Real-time risk monitoring and predictive analysis keeps our clients informed of the ever-changing political environment.

To support long-term risk forecasting, scenario risk analysis represents geopolitical scenarios according to their probability. The analysis examines a range of aspects, such as political uncertainty, protest actions, and widespread violence. Our approach provides an evaluation of the most probable scenarios, key triggers, and indicators of changing political and security developments in support of our clients' planning. To provide key insights affecting operational risk, we focus on client industries and locations.

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