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Geopolitical Intelligence (Pty) Ltd is a licensed South African security firm that offers security risk management and solutions for individuals, small businesses, and international travelers. It was established to place a broad understanding of the international security landscape at the center of its security services. We assist businesses and individuals anticipate and mitigate key security threats that could disrupt operations and international travel plans.

We are passionate about security intelligence to reduce risk and mitigate threats. As a private organisation, we rely on open source intelligence (OSINT) as opposed to covert operations. We collect data from published or otherwise publicly accessible sources to analyse and interpret current events in order to anticipate potential threats. It is our belief that the first line of defence against violence and the foundation of human security is prevention. People's safety is our highest priority, we listen to our clients' needs prior to providing solutions. We ensure that operations run smoothly and that our clients' assets and reputations are safeguarded.

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