If You Break It, You Fix It

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If You Break It, You Fix It

The US is one of the main role players because it has power in the UNSC and holds the purse strings for releasing billions to the Taliban government.  

On August 22, 2021, Noam Chomsky on a program, “Newest Thoughts of Afghanistan with Noam Chomsky” said what might be done to help the Afghan people is “If you break it, you fix it”. The US should release the billions to Afghanistan that are held in New York.  We overthrow the government and we should not punish the people with sanctions. It is not legitimate to keep billions being held in New York.”  He recommended that the US negotiate with the government of Afghanistan. 

Presently, the US Department of State has a diplomatic approach with the Taliban, but it has not recognized the government as legitimate.  The US no longer has an embassy there with diplomats.  The US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken says that the end of the Afghanistan War demands reflection.  In the process of reflection, maybe the US will change its foreign policy.  “Foreign policy should not be based on American exceptionalism, but working with others as equals”. Change is difficult but is necessary to create peace in the world.

See Chomsky’s work here

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