Lunga Dweba


Having taken time to complete a first university degree, I became aware that other university students may go through similar frustrations that could ruin their desire to obtain a university qualification.  I then realised that a significant number of students could benefit from a graduate support system that offers assistance and mentorship, thereby curbing university-dropouts.

Moreover, I earned two decades of military experience, inside and outside of the borders of my country, South Africa. I salute all my commanders and comrades-in-arms.  I pay homage to my late commander, Colonel A.W. Retief, whose last words were:  “Even though the SANDF shall be losing a brilliant officer, his resignation is fully supported“.

During the years of military service, I participated in and wrote about geopolitical matters, including intrastate and interstate armed conflicts in Subsaharan Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.  I read and witnessed the plight of struggling governments, multinational organisations, forced migrants and corporate institutions.  These bodies were, and still find themselves, in desperate need for security awareness to improve decision-making and to participate in the global arena.  With an interest in business leadership, I understood that these challenges demanded concentrated innovation to contribute to business advancements, reciprocal relations and world order.

For about two to three years, I contemplated establishing a transnational corporation to fully participate in the global village.  To say the least, my academic and military experience, personal interests and concerns about violence and armed conflicts, led to the formation of an organisation that aims to conduct extensive research projects to offer advisory work and security services.  

The following are the three main areas of operation:

  • Research & Analysis
  • Conflict, Peace & Security
  • Forced Migration 

Our operational principle is to defuse conflict with intellect.

Please feel free to subscribe to our website for more details about security analysis and services.  If you are an aspiring writer with an interest in creating content for our blog, you are welcome to leave your details in the comments section and we will reach out to you.  We are also active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  

Thank you for taking your time to read our founding statement.  Be sure to be on the lookout for more intriguing content from the GIA team and guest writers.

Let us get on with the task of making our communities a worthwhile experience.


Lunga Dweba

Founder and Chairman

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