Afghanistan’s hope for the Future: What is the country’s mission? – Issue 9 of 9

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Afghanistan’s hope for the Future: What is the country’s mission? – Issue 9 of 9

The Taliban must make significant changes to provide security for its people.

Do the Afghans have hope for the future? If not, there are reasons for hope there. The country has the potential of becoming a rich nation. The TAPI oil (Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India) and natural pipeline can create many jobs in the four countries along with the TAP infrastructure projects between these countries. Of course, Afghanistan will need international partners to support its foreign investments. Plus, it needs a government that is not corrupt and develops the citizens, its greatest asset.

Moving forward, the questions are:  Will the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan support the terrorist groups, ISIS and Al-Qaida, and any other?  Will the Taliban allow women and girls the freedoms and rights that they had under the previous democratic government?  Will the leaders of the government focus on the needs of the people and attack corruption?  With Afghanistan’s natural resources and its location, it can easily be a target for the oligarchs who have a lot of power in the US, Europe, Canada, Russia, and other countries.  Imperialism is alive and well.  Will the US, the UK, Canada, and the EU treat Afghanistan as an equal and work together to assist the Afghan people in developing their abundant natural resources and human capital?  Can the security of the people come before anything else? What is Afghanistan’s mission?   Is it to create a positive future with policies to promote unity, freedom, solidarity, harmony, security, and the safety of its people?  

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The Taliban must make significant changes in order to provide security for its people to develop and thrive in the twenty-first century.  Failure is inevitable when a government is corrupt and does not realize that the security of its people is of national importance.  There is hope and possibility for the Afghan people to create a future for Afghanistan.

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