Geopolitical Intelligence Advisory

Who We Are

In 2018, Major Lunga Dweba established Geopolitical Intelligence (Pty) Ltd (GI ADVISORY), which was formally incorporated as an independent research and security advising firm in 2020.
The organisation works to advance and disseminate knowledge while also promoting international peace and security. It partners with higher education institutions, governments, humanitarian agencies, private security organisations and other NGOs.

What We Do?

Academic Advisory

We use coaching and mentoring strategies to support postgraduate students.

Defence and Security

We offer advice and services to individuals and organisations on high-level international conflict, peace and security matters.

Forced Immigration

Collaborates with other stakeholders to promote basic human rights and universal humanitarian principles.

Why Choose Us?

Our central objective is to support a global approach to research and policymaking for peaceful and sustainable solutions.  The organisation believes that in order to make informed decisions, governments and civil society require geopolitical and security awareness.  This knowledge helps to manage risks and to make informed decisions, such as which research project to prioritise, and which communities to safeguard.  The GI ADVISORY delivers research-based advice and services in the following areas of operation:


  • Research & Analysis
    • Feasibility Investigations
    • Theories of Change
    • Researcher Development


  • Conflict, Peace & Security
    • Capacity Building
    • Forced Migration
    • Protection Services


Vision Statement

To contribute to the spread of knowledge and international security.


Mission Statement

To deliver research-focused information and services on Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.




Objectivity in our operations to provide impartial service, adherence to the rule of law, and respect for our stakeholders.


Lunga Dweba

Founder and Chairman

Geopolitical Analyst, Research Management Professional, and Soldier.

Studied International Politics; Military Aspects, and Professional Development.

Research interests:

International Conflict (war), Insurgency, Peace & Security, R2P, and Historico-Philosophical Analysis.



Nobuhle Thobela

Member of the Management Team

Gender Equality and Social Justice Ambassador, Business Administrator, and Entrepreneur.

Studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

Personal interests:

Reading, writing, and playing chess.

Maria van Der Merwe

Chief Editor

Language Practitioner, and Designer of Learning Programmes.

Studied Languages, Education and History.

Personal interests:

Reading, birdwatching and listening to classical music.

Mthokozisi Mpofu

Academic Advisor

Lecturer, Research Supervisor and Senior Research Management Professional.

Studied Industrial & Organisational Psychology; and Human Resources Management.

Research interests:

Compensation management; employee training and development; employee recruitment and selection; employability; career success; and employee health and safety.



Sydney Seshibedi

Academic Advisor

Political scholar, writer, research management professional and award winning photojournalist.

Studied Communication Science and International Politics.

Research Interests:

Political pragmatism.

Darrell Fraser

Creative Director

Studied Informatics, Project Management and Visual Communication.

Personal interests:

Photography, Art, Exploring the World.