Geopolitics dimensions
of peace and security

The Geopolitical Intelligence Advisory is a peace and security agency

What We Do

Early warning is a data-sharing function for proactive action, peace education is a civic duty for raising awareness to prevent public violence; while travel safety and security is a security service provided to travelors.
Early Warning

On political and country risk, our focus is not confined only to problem identification. A definite conceptual understanding of the geographic area helps to rightly assess the situation, improve our insight, and provide recommendations for decision making to prevent violence and migration-related offences.

Peace Education

 We offer consultative work and peace-building programmes to support the implementation of policies and other instruments aimed at crime and violence prevention. On targeted interventions, we work to build capacity on violence prevention and effective migration governance.

Travel Safety & Security

While our country is a wonderful international travel destination, crime and violence are an unfortunate reality. As GI we provide international travelers visiting South Africa with safety and security recommendations. We use local knowledge for advice on how to reduce risk.

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